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The early Pentatonic was formed by Xiaoma as a one man project. The most significant work at this period is the 3-track EP If You Dont Understand Then I won’t Explain to you, which won a considerable amount of possitive comments.
By mid 2013, the band has come into being. Consisted of original frontman Xiaoma, Damao,Zhang Xi,Du Weibin and Wang Yifeng, the band becomes more mature, and begins to draw both domestic and international attention. The influences of the band's early stage was mainly brought by Mogwai, Sigur Ros and GY!BE, and now has been merged by more variety of genres, such as post punk, math rock and even Jazz.
Pentatonic describe their music to be sentimental, introspective yet ambitious. They intent to develop an iconic sound of their own rather than simply staggering behind those well-knowns. Debut full length album Syndrome will be released on 1st, Oct, 2013, under the re-master of Grey Market Master (master studio of GYBE!) in Montreal based studio, and distributed by one of China's most cutting edge independent music labels 1724 records.

The debut presentation of Pentatonic Syndrome is a punctual reply to those who have waited for 4 years since their first EP. In this brand new album, Pentatonic show their attempts to integrate picturesque musical scenery and experimental affords.
As their first single Maya, a spacious background with soothing guitar solo is reminding how Sigur Ros has impacted on the band. As the whirling ambience goes on, vocal gets involved, no sooner the twisted guitar noise participate in this dark harmony. It’s an avalanche of hearing, which maybe the band’s final contribution to Sigur Ros.
Constellation is composed of 5 sections with different emotions. Driven by a laidback chorus of guitar and keyboard, the music is like a kaleidoscope of city life. Between the ups and downs of each section, listeners may put them under the spotlight of this dramatic music setting.
Dying takes you a while to digest. Human vocal with understandable vocal makes the song less ambiguous, somehow adds to its depressiveness and self-pity. The song is written to reveal Xiaoma’s special appreciation on Portishead, who has been the band’s inspiration.
Twinkle is the rearrange of the classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The band tries to combine electronic factors and psychedelic layers of guitar chords with the most familiar melody, in an attempt to create a montage of modern technology and vintage memories.
Sendentary Secretary represents the band’s journey towards math rock territory. In this unique single, a triple-guitar concentration is aggressive, and so is the up-coming explosive guitar noise. The progressive composition of this song is well distinguished among any others from this album, which implies the band’s next metamorphosis is just around the corner.
The rest of this album includes M.W.M, Crusade and Yes I’m fragile, which are written years ago, has got their second chance to be polished and published. They are the milestones of the band’s early exploration of instrumental rock, yet this exploration will continue.


released October 1, 2013

Xiao Ma:Vocal,Guitar
Chen Kun(Da mao):Guitar
Wang Yifeng:Keyboard,Extra Guitar
Zhang Gangxi:Bass
Du Weibin:Drum

Design:@metallic727 & Song

Producer:Park Wong
Record @:liang Studio & Nameless Studio
Recording Engineer:Park Wong,Chen Lei
Recording Session:May - August 2013,Beijing
Mixing Engineer:Park Wong,Mixing at Take Live Studio,Guangzhou,August 2013
Master Engineer:Harris Newman,Grey Marketing Master Studio,Montreal,Canada.September 2013

Executive Producer:road
Released by:1724 Records,2013,Beijing

Special Thanks To:
Our Family Members,road,Song,Ting Ting,Park Wong,Chen Lei,Xie Yugang,Monat,Lv Nan,Li Yu,kayak,Jojo



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pentatonic Beijing, China

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Track Name: Crusade
I've seen the end of war, nobody said it was easy to heal the sorrow

I've seen the worse place, but no more. nobody said it was easy to be recoverable.
Track Name: Twinkle
everlasting little Star,
How I wonder What you are,
never exist in my mind
that I bought from Hyperstar,
how I wonder what you are,
up above the Sims so high,

just be yourself, am I right? just put ur smile beneath your feet

twinkle, twinkle,
a everlasting litte scar
never lasting litte star,
Track Name: Maya
Azure waves swell with white light
blink through the halo
lying, or floating
Staring vast sky
the melody resounding
the mute shimmering light
the melody resounding
take me somewhere nice

all the colors darken
all the troubles gone
All Hail the Queen fallen
aill is fogotten

Just spinning

Spinning around
Bluish green
Spiining around
Gloden yellow
Spinning around
milk white
Spinning around
Chinese blue

Into the wild
into the blue
into the storm
into the night

into the wind
into the rain
into the vally
into the woods
Track Name: Dying
For the cameraman, he took the photo from you,color of his
For the blindman, he took the eyes from you, lights of his
For the valentine, she stole the heart from you,love of his
so I wanna try try to fade into you, fade out him
so you wanna try, try to cry
cry for lie, lie of death, death for crime
in paradise, for a loss, for a change

For the cameraman, he took the photo from you,color of his
For the blindman, he took the eyes from you, lights of his
For the valentine, she stole the heart from you,love of his
so I wanna try try to fade into you, fade out him
so you wanna try, try to cry
cry for lie, lie of death
death for crime, crime for lie